Four years ago my wife and I and our 13-year-old daughter went on our first safari in Africa. Not having been before we left much of the planning of this safari to our guide Nigel Stenning who put together the itinerary for us to approve. We indicated that we would prefer seeing several different areas in Kenya obviously including the Mara, we would like to try to catch the migration and we would like small, unique lodges with a semi permanent camp in the Mara. Nigel put together the best vacation we have ever had, much better than I expected and we had a marvelous experience. We were on Safari for 12 days and Nigel got us thru the airport easily, found my bags after several days which the airline had lost and somehow managed to get them to me in the bush and proceeded to introduce us to the wildlife and the people, particularly the Maasai warriors. He arranged a visit to one of the Maasai villages, pointed out every species of bird in existence and showed us the big five within the first two days. By the end of that safari we had made several new friends including of course Nigel and his family whom we met when we got back to Nairobi. Nigel can provide the itinerary for anyone who is interested, the lodges were spectacular, the sunset and sundowners were consistently perfect and we enjoyed ourselves so much that we vowed to take our whole family back in several years.   Nigel set up another safari for the three of us plus my brother and sister-in-law, my two older sons and my daughter in law for July of 2011. It was the first time to Africa for everyone else and can say the safari was even more wonderful than our first and everyone loved it. We were again out for ten days, visited some new and very beautiful lodges, caught the migration in all of its glory and everyone fell in love with Nigel. Nigel made all the arrangements for airport clearance, transportation, private planes, lodges side trips paid all the bills did all the tipping and it all went flawlessly. With the very competent back up of his company, he even managed after I had a seizure in the bush to find a doctor in Nairobi, get medication prescribed, picked up and flown to our location within about twelve hours of the seizure. This should put at ease anyone concerned about being away from care or out of touch. Kenya is beautiful but a really memorable safari needs a really competent guide to put it together and Nigel has certainly proved his ability to do this to my whole family and me. I would be happy to hear from anyone who is interested and will gladly share more of our planning, experience, itinerary and recommendations especially concerning Nigel. Just ask him for my email” With much fondness.
– Charlie

It is now Sunday September 29, 8:30 our time. I am haunted, grateful and deeply moved by my memories of our exceptional time together. It is so odd not to be awakened by the sound of water being poured into our tanks and Charles’ morning greeting, “Hallo!” The lovely morning breakfast (those eggs!) camaraderie and highly anticipated game drives, became a comfortable routine. Then there was the chaos of discovery, vying for position in time to capture it on “film” (somehow memory card, doesn’t sound right!) Tea, under various canopies brought us together before the next escapade, everyone speculating about surprises that might be in store. Not to disappoint, we saw it all, thanks to you. Every outing was informative and inspirational. Each of you brought your own talent, wonderful stories and endearing personalities. The humour throughout was one of my favourite aspects of our time together. We returned home with new friends and invaluable memories. The images we have on our cameras are now part of our heart as well. Thank you for providing us with this life changing experience.
– Debbie and Richard

Thank you so much for creating and guiding us through such an amazing safari. This experience will never be forgotten and was truly the perfect safari for us. Your knowledge, expertise, and lovely company was tremendous and of great value. Thank you so much and we hope to safari with you again!
– Brian & Rachelle Frisselle. Aspen, Co.

You were great company on our trip and we look forward to a long future running safaris with you…..From a personal perspective I really enjoyed working with you and hope to again.
– Chris Galazzi- IFAW

Nigel is a “fantastic guide! I would not want to safari with anyone else.
– Chad and Erica Wachs.

We came to Africa because of Nigel and we will do so again.
– Charlie Wachs.

Nigel was and is truly a amazing guide. I can’t imagine going on safari with anyone but him. Truly fortunate to have him on your staff.
– Chris Wachs.

I can’t believe it’s been two months since we returned from Kenya. My apologies for not reporting in sooner.  We’ve spent so much time gushing about our trip and sending out pictures I’m surprised you haven’t been inundated with bookings.  Just wait, by the time we’re done with the “walkabout” next month, Nigel will be thoroughly exhausted and booked up to retirement. It’s hard to write about the trip concisely because there were so many superlatives and I don’t want to leave anything out.  For example, we’ve never been escorted through a major airport in twenty minutes, totally unexpected.  Nigel knows everyone, everywhere, all the animals, all the plants, and all the tribes.  And everyone treats him like a trusted friend and his guests like visiting royalty.   Every game drive was like a Disney movie, with incredible assortments of wildlife showing up and posing photogenically.  Elephant herds, lioness with cubs, hippos and crocodiles, sunsets, and finally the leopard treed by the troop of baboons.  Each day was truly more spectacular than the last.  Again, once I get going it’s hard to stop.  I’ll just say it was life changing and I would go again in a heartbeat.
– Blair Stewart.