Midway along the western shore of Lake Turkana sheltered in the hollow of a spit lies Lobolo, which in the local Turkana language means a place of abundant water, indeed it is an area of natural springs whose waters have given rise to a verdant oasis of foliage and distinct animal and birdlife. It is a discreet oasis with a special atmosphere of tranquility and a halcyon spirit, “Far from the Madding Crowd.”
Adeptly integrated into this milieu are the six ensuite safari-genre tents, with spring water showers, flushing toilets and washbasins, that lie nestled within the extensive palm grove. Each tent has it’s unique remarkable varied view of the sandy beach, the lake, Central Island and the distant shoreline. Explore Lobolo’s forest and spring, spot unique birds, often you will sight visiting migratory species. Relish the unspoiled beach and climb the cliff which is a backdrop to the camp and marvel at the panoramic view of the spectacular combination of features before you that can only be experienced and cap it with a sundowner atop the cliff.